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In 1941 Henry Kingsbury formed Kingsbury Components which manufactured volume controls.  With vast experience and knowledge in the electronics field, Henry found himself developing new ideas to make the manufacturing process more successful.  Today the H K Wentworth Group is proud to offer an extensive range of products to different industries, a dedicated research and development team and a committed customer service department providing the ultimate all round service.
Three exciting brands, with three diverse product portfolios are brought to you:
Electrolube - Europe's leading manufacturer
of electro-chemicals for the electronics, automotive and manufacturing industries.
AF International – The market leading brand of advanced cleaning products for computers
and communications equipment in the modern working environment.
EuroChemi - Provides innovative high-tech chemical solutions for niche applications in the fields of cleaning, agriculture, the railways, soil contamination and erosion, along with waterproofing technologies for many materials.

H K Wentworth Ltd is still a private company owned by the Kingsbury family and run by a small group of Executive Directors.

Our comprehensive range of products are manufactured in a fully BS EN ISO 9001:2008 accredited site which is in excess of 52,000 sq. ft.

Research and development is key to our business.  The experience and knowledge within our research and development division enables H K Wentworth
to create a constant supply of new innovative products for industry and also provides a service to our customers solving unique problems.

The H K Wentworth Group
AF International
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